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Pingu Episode
Pinga is born

Pingu is a Swiss animated television series in 154 episodes of five minutes, created and disseminated by Otmar Gutmann between 1986 and 2004. This series features a family of manchots1 living at the South Pole. The main character is the son, Pingu, though some episodes are working with other secondary characters, including his parents, his sister Pinga and his friend Robby the Seal. Hockey players are the minor characters in the episode Ice Hockey, they are three in number. (One can easily distinguish them, one of them has a yellow mask, another that looks like Pingo and another that looks like Ping). They just cheat to triomphier of Pingu, Robby and Pink. But at the end of the episode, they give up hockey and are now dancing on ice. The crazy penguin is a penguin who appears only in overalls in Pingu is the factor. He lives in a house where you have to climb stairs to wait for the door. He appears in another episode called Circus Pingu, but he has already lost his overalls. It nevertheless retains its 3 small bits. The penguins appear only in a green wedding with Pingu and the penguins are like no other: Pingu (green) is a friend of Pingu appears in a marriage with Pingu. It is a penguin like no other because all of South Pole penguins are black and that he and his family are green. But he still has the same personality, and family caratère Pingu. As the penguin crazy, he has 3 small bits. He also had a funny voice very acute. At the end of the episode, Pingu the penguin leaves with green on his sled, so they are now friends. Pinga (green) is a Pinga in green. She is first on the shape of an egg placed in a cradle. Dad (green) is a copy of the father of Pingu but green. As the father of Pingu, he has a snowmobile unless it is red while the other is yellow and blue. He had missed the wedding ceremony. The vacuum cleaner is a new character in a marriage with apparaîsant Pingu. Parents are trying to make a gift to the bride by offering a multi-function vacuum cleaner (he steals, he sweeps it sucks). But when the mayor is trying to turn it on, the machine becomes demonic! But it sucks so much (even the buffet) that breaks down and his head comes off.

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